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(September 18th - 22nd)

The BLOG PARTY Challenge

I get it. 

So you're invited to the BLOG PARTY!

[September 18th - 22nd]

via email + a private FB group

Brainstorm + outline + write + publish a blog post that feels genuinely awesome to craft and share -- so you can get back on your game. 

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(And you know it's good for business.)

You wish it was less stressful/more fun.

Attention creatives, coaches, authors, speakers, and online business owners who want to shake up the planet: 

If you know you should blog... but you keep putting it off because you're intimidated, unsure what to say, and convinced no one will read it anyway. 

If you’ve got “neglected subscribers guilt" about your list... because you have too many ideas, and penning new content feels like pulling teeth.

If you're low on time, energy, and inspiration... and you feel like you have nothing fresh to contribute, because it's all been done before.

I’ve got your back, and I’ve built something just for you.

Still: I never blogged for myself.

But first, a confession: 

I neglected my own blog for years, too.

... Not because I was blogging daily,

But I was blogging about stuff that mattered to me, excited me, and connected with readers as a result.

Now, I want to help you do the same

I stopped worrying about what I should write, and started thinking about what I wanted to share with my people.

I stopped feeling worthless if I didn't blog every week, and focused on enjoying the process, and developing an easy "blog habit" instead.

I stopped letting judgement get in the way, and looked at blogging as a way to further hone my craft, and ideas. 

Actual footage of the author failing to blog

I left hundreds of posts half written in drafts on my laptop. 

I'd get so get excited about an idea... only to totally lose momentum in a day or two. 

I assumed if I wasn't writing every week, I wasn't "really" blogging anyway, so why try?!

I started attracting boatloads of new subscribers and followers, even though I averaged ~1-2 posts per month.

I received almost-daily emails (and big money project pitches) from readers, potential clients, and industry heavyweights looking to connect and collaborate. 

I was able to repurpose posts into course modules, and (soon) freebies, because I could get my brain in order.   

.. Until I changed my approach. 

I've been a copywriter and ghostwriter for 200+ brands since 2011 -- and crafting client blog posts is a huge part of my job.

What happened next?

Read on to get the full deets + day-by-day breakdown.


About your Host: 

I'm Hillary Weiss, copywriter, ghostwriter, and writing coach who helps million dollar brands and total newbies alike craft powerhouse content that feel exciting to create -- every. single. day.

Because if you want to make a splash with your message and ideas? You can’t be recycling the same boring “How-to” formulas over and over. You need something fresh. You need something fiery. And you need something you.

So let's [blog] party.

The fun runs September 18th - 22nd.

via email + our Blog Party Facebook community. 

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Here’s a peek at what’s about to go down: 

You’ll rock through the challenge with daily email prompts, & support in the private Blog Party Facebook group, where you can swap stories, struggles, and successes with fellow participants, and I’ll be checking in to guide your journey, and answer your biggest blogging questions.

So now the only question is...

Are you coming or what?

There’s also a contest in the mix: 

One winning participant will receive FREE access to the D.I.Y. version of my brand new copywriting course, The Wordshops (a $500 value launching soon).

I've got Wordshops for About, Home, and Sales pages. Pick your poison!

Day 1: Pinning down your big idea

[LIVE class in the Blog Party Facebook group: How to stop freaking out and step forward + Q&A]

Every great blog posts starts with a concept that gets you fired up. So we’ll dig into what’s on your mind lately, your deeper philosophy, and point of view to uncover the gem of a concept you can really run with.

Day 2: Outline time!

You’ll get your hands on my Blog Post Outline Guide that I normally only share with my big-money clients. This quick-fire guide will walk you, step by step, through cementing and expanding your ideas for your post so you can hit the ground running on draft day.

Day 3: Draft Day 1

[LIVE class in the Facebook group: First draft mistakes to avoid and conquer, + Q&A]

Yep, on Day 3 it’s time to write ugly, and get your ideas down on paper. With the help of your outline, you’ll have a first draft written in no time so you can explore how your concepts will take shape.


Day 4: Draft Day 2

The beauty of second drafts? They’re not first drafts. ;) On day 2, you’ll get my personal guide to editing, so you can review your initial draft with a fresh mind and make any conceptual tweaks and twists that will make your writing even stronger. 

Day 5: Publish Party!

[LIVE class in the Facebook group: Celebration call + Q&A]

On Day 5, you’ll make your final changes and hit “Publish” on your post, and share it in the community so we can all cheer you on. This day also includes a Celebration Call with me where I’ll announce the Challenge Winner, share some BIG news, and answer any final questions you might have.

The Blog Party

Day-by-Day Breakdown:

Drop your name + email below and I’ll see you at the party September 18th - 22nd.

It’s time to get your blog on.